What’s Old Is New

It’s 1931; the newsstands are littered with pulp magazines; the world is filled with wondrous tales. One of those thrilling tales came from Astounding. A new space hero emerged; his name is Hawk Carse. In those days a reader picked up a 7″x10″ magazine of dubious quality and wiled away the day for a quarter. It’s a little different now with paperbacks costing over $14.99 but the idea is the same. Who knows, maybe a quarter back then was valued at $14.99.
I was being nostalgic about those stories like Buck Rogers or Flash Gordan and remembered a novel I read in 2008 by Gary K. Wolf and Archbishop John J. Myers called Space Vulture. It had thrills, it had revenge, it had rayguns. I loved it. So, I reached out to Gary and the Archbishop to see if I could interest them in talking about their book. I’m happy to say, they did.

By the way, did I mention, Gary is the creator of Roger Rabbit? It’s a real honor to converse with them.

When we first met Hawk Carse, we were boys living in a small farm town, and Hawk was off in outer space, righting wrongs, battling evil, protecting the defenseless. Hawk helped to kick start a very important component of our boyish brains, our imaginations. We had only to shut our eyes, and we were right out there with Hawk, soaring through space, performing the selfless heroics that fuel young boys’ dreams. Years later, when we reread Space Hawk, hoping to recapture a slice of our youth, we realized that we had focused on the exciting bits, the action, the adventure, while ignoring the more troubling aspects of the work, the misogyny and subtle racism so common in that earlier era. We decided to rewrite Space Hawk as we remembered the story rather than as the story actually was. Space Vulture is the result. We think our efforts succeeded.  We hope you do, too.

Both of our mothers encouraged us to read. We gladly followed their advice, gaining in the process a lifetime of knowledge and pleasure. Now, in an effort to spread that joy, we’ll give you a reading challenge. We used several passages from Space Hawk verbatim in Space Vulture. Find one, send it in, and you’ll be entered in a drawing to win an autographed hardback copy of Space Vulture.

For more about how Space Vulture came to be, visit www.spacevulture.com. For more about how Space Hawk eventually metamorphosed into a talking rabbit, visit www.garywolf.com.


Gary K. Wolf

Creator of Roger Rabbit

Archbishop John J. Myers

Thanks again Gary & Archbishop Myers.

I put the four (4) Hawk Carse adventures in one ebook for you and you can download them for your devices. I urge you to get the first 20% of the book, Space Vulture, from www.spacevulture.com, click on the “Send a free sample” button and look for those Easter Eggs mentioned above. Although they didn’t say how long their free books will last, I’m guessing they would be pleased to hear from you. You never know—you might get a signed copy of Space Vulture.

Hawk Carse Omnibus Mobi Edition

Hawk Carse Omnibus EPub Edition