Tom Conry

Voice of the Galactic Guild

Actor, Narrator, and Voice Over Artist based in Minneapolis, MN


What drew you to take on this particular audiobook?

I love science fiction. So when I search for an audiobook project to take on, I almost always start with that genre. What drew me to Murder on Euripides in particular, was the eccentric intergalactic world that the book creates. It's fun, fast, and full of a host of ridiculous characters that was a joy to give voice to.

As an actor, do you feel audiobook production has enhanced your skills. If so, how?

I'm a classically trained actor, so a lot of my training has been in the realm of the voice. Producing audiobooks is a great way for me get closer in touch with the effect of my voice and allows me to test my abilities and find what I can really do.

How do you keep track of all the characters and their voices?

It is a challenge to keep track of all the voices, especially in a book like this one with so many characters. I'm constantly learning new ways to tweak how I approach new projects to ensure consistency of character voices throughout the piece. What I find helps the most is having a reference sheet of each character's characteristics, previous samples of character voices that I've recorded already to go back and listen to when they come up again, and a key phrase or saying for each character that I can say to myself to get back into sync with them.

Now that the audiobook is completed, what part do you like most about your dramatization?

I'm really happy with how the characters of Pi and Glounce turned out. Finding the correct interplay between them was fun and silly, but still believable and a little bit heartbreaking at the end was a fun challenge.  I really enjoyed voicing their interaction together and with other characters.

As MOE is the third installment in the Galactic Guild Comedy Series, can we expect more to come?

The plan is to produce audiobook versions of all of the Galactic Guild Series, both those that came before Murder on Euripides and those yet to come in the future.  The hope is that the audio book option will bring a host of new fans who enjoy the audiobook medium to bolster the growing numbers of Galactic Guild devotees. Next up will be the first book in the Galactic Guild Series, The Kili Wanna Affair.

What challenges/progress do you see the audiobook industry taking since statistics show more listeners are opting for audiobooks over eBooks and certainly outweigh paperback sales?

There is nothing quite like sitting down and reading a real life solid book.  It lets your imagination take control in a way that nothing else can. However, in our increasingly fast-paced world, there are often more books we'd like to read than we have time for a sitting.  The great thing about audio books is that they still let your imagination do all the visualization while letting you consume that book you didn't have time to sit for while on the go. Besides being a creator of audiobooks, I'm also a consumer. I first started listening to them when I was on long car trips or lengthy commutes. All of a sudden, my time that I used to feel was wasted during travel was filled with stimulating adventures. I highly recommend audiobooks for traveling, while exercising, or even doing chores around the house.  It’s a great way to be able to read a book without your eyes and without sitting.

A very enjoyable whodunit with the added benefit of the suspects being a multitude of unusual aliens and a few humans. Interesting too that the investigator tasked with solving the murder, Sir Giles Thackery, has been removed from cryogenic sleep to undertake the task.

This felt rather like a murder mystery set in the Victorian era, but placed in a futuristic setting on the intergalactic luxury cruise liner, Euripides. Introducing the atmosphere of a bygone, more genteel and reserved nature added another layer to my enjoyment with, but without that times' patronising attitude to women I hasten to add! The females in this story (including the aliens) are far from shy and retiring types.

Really quirky aliens, interesting, articulate humans and a delightful humour permeate this fun, light-hearted, but quietly compelling, murder mystery.

I am hoping there are many more Sir Giles Thackery adventures to come because this was a refreshingly different take on the norm in both science fiction and murder mystery genres.

Definitely worth the read!

Mandy Walkden-Brown

An old fashioned sleuth in a newfangled world. It's like a SciFi version of Miss Marple, with lots of fascinating aliens who are described so they are easy to picture.
This story is quite sweet despite all the murders and I found it a good read. The characters are fun and quirky and the story has a nice flow to it, with interesting action here and there.
I've given it 3 stars because it was a little too slow in places for my tastes, but it is still well worth checking out purely for the humour.

PJ Lea

Sir Giles Thackery—renowned Terran detective—is defrosted from cyro-sleep to tackle one of his toughest cases to date. Ambassadors of the Galactic Guild are turning up dead in the most gruesome ways on board the luxury cruise liner, the Euripides. Accompanied only by his great—to the eigh­teenth generation—granddaughter, elite SLASP Agent, Nanette Thackery, Sir Giles rushes from one murder to the next, desperately seeking the answers to why. In the end, it all winds up in a friendly game of Squash to trap the culprit. The Galactic Guild watches on in anticipation as the seconds tick out before there is another victim. In the spirit of Blake Edwards’, The Pink Panther, and the fun of Mel Brooks’, Spaceballs, MURDER ON EURIPIDES, delivers on laughs and mayhem.

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Sali Terri and George Shooters - two rookie officers from the Galactic Guild - find themselves in way over their heads with political intrigue, working to ratify a treaty with the cantankerous locals of a small planet called Kili Wanna. Every time an agreement is about to be reached with the current emperor, someone kills him off, nullifying the planet's induction into the Galactic Guild. The madness ramps up when outside influences take the matter into their own hands and flood the podunk planet with junk food in an attempt to corrupt their simple lifestyle and force them into an alliance.

Humor flows from every minute of this satirical tale. The Kili Wanna Affair delivers on laughs and adventure that defies its genre.

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