The Dreaded Meanies

Authors are sensitive people. We spill our guts out on paper in the name of Entertainment. Often we spend endless hours working tirelessly to produce something of substance. Then there are just as many hours tweaking to make a novel easier to read—all for possibly someday a little money or fame, or even just for the feeling of accomplishment. If this sounds familiar then you are not alone. We are kindred spirits.

Finally, we release our work into the world to the sound of crickets, hoping that someone will read it and leave a review. Someone finally reviews your novel and gives you a 1 star with a scathing comment. Your heart sinks and you feel like a failure. It happens. You can’t please everyone and every reader is entitled to their opinion. We’d all rather see a little constructive criticism in place of a downright mean comment. But, who’s to say anyone else agrees with this assessment? Did this person even read the book? Maybe they are just not the right audience for the book? The questions can go on endlessly. But one thing is for certain; there are billions of people in the world and usually there is someone out there who will think your book is a treasure.

Review your work yourself and do not take the Meanies’ words to heart. After all, they didn’t have the guts to write. You did. Lucky for me, I’ve grown a thick skin and realize that some negativity is just part of the trade. I enjoy writing, so I write. Never let some Meanie get between you and your dreams.