Technology Is A Two-edge Sword

This should be a milestone for me–and it is in a way–instead of a trial by Fire HD8. It’s my first giveaway. Yeah, I’ve given paperback books and ebooks away, but not products to promote a new audience. That’s why I wanted to give something away that isn’t necessarily Scott derived.

The giveaway got off to a shaky start when the URL wouldn’t work. After a day or so I did find the issue in the WordPress database that wasn’t set right. It was a minor glitch that frustrated 1,000s of want-to-be entrants to the giveaway. Luckily people–as a whole–are kind enough to overlook a little snafu and responded with words of encouragement.

All USA residents, 18 and over can enter the giveaway at: Fire HD8 Giveaway until February 28, 2017.

Some of the most helpful individuals got a little gift of a few free signed paperbacks. Life has a way of humbling you and I’m pleased to say that I have many true friends that want the best for me.

Good luck to all eligible USA giveaway entrants. The next giveaway will be coming soon and I plan to look into a worldwide prize. Thanks again for your well wishes.