Madness Ensues…

This original George & Sali Adventure in the Galactic Guild Comedy Series is now free for limited time. I just need to know where you want me to send it.

His Holiness, the Supreme Spiritual Leader of the Galactic Guild, Glup III, an aging podil, is about to be dethroned by the evil Cardinal Nog'nik and podil-napped by militant monks all in the same day. 

The Galactic Guild dispatches their top agents, George Shooters and Sali Terri to find Glup III, restore him to his righteous position, and to discover how a pair of bumbling pilgrims obtained the technology necessary to teleport right out of his private bathroom—throne and all!

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Check Out What These Readers Are Saying About This Book:

5-Stars You know you're reading a good book when you feel like you can hear the distinctive voices of each character in your head while you read. I got so immersed in the book it was like a fun escape without ever leaving home. I definitely recommend this book for anyone who loves Monty Python or Joss Whedon-like humor. If you loved Firefly, you will love this series.

5-Stars Sci Fi and comedy are both done well in this book. There is impressive character development and dialogue. The comedic moments throughout the story are enjoyable."

5-Stars The book is a light hearted space comedy that is written with just the right combination of comedy, seriousness, action, and scientific explanation for the layman. It moves along at a nice even pace and the characters are charming and quirky."

5-Stars …a smart and funny sci-fi adventure with likeable characters that you can picture and a page turning plot that keeps you interested until the end. I hope to see more from Scott A. Combs soon!"

5-StarsTotally fun and really refreshing ... this gives a decent and heart-pounding plot but doesn't neglect that big human need of comedic relief!"