The Feel Good Affair

A Galactic Guild Comedy

Book Cover: The Feel Good Affair
Part of the George & Sali Adventure series:

His Holiness, the Supreme Spiritual Leader of the Galactic Guild, Glup III, an aging podil, is about to be dethroned and podil-napped all in the same day. The MISFITS, Militia In Secret Fighting Idiotic Theological S**t, decide today is a good day to thwart the evil Cardinal Nog’nik’s plans to take over the Galactic Guild and become a living god. The Galactic Guild dispatches their top agents, George Shooters and Sali Terri to restore Glup III to his righteous position and discover how a pair of bumbling pilgrims have obtained the technology necessary to teleport Glup III from the clutches of a deranged despot.

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Reviews:Lisa Denn on wrote:

Great characters! Great story! Writing was incredible ... vivid descriptions brought the story that much closer to being life-like. Loved the book!