The Feel Good Affair

A Galactic Guild Comedy

Book Cover: The Feel Good Affair
Part of the George & Sali Adventure series:

His Holiness, the Supreme Spiritual Leader of the Galactic Guild, Glup III, an aging podil, is about to be dethroned and podil-napped all in the same day. The MISFITS, Militia In Secret Fighting Idiotic Theological S**t, decide today is a good day to thwart the evil Cardinal Nog’nik’s plans to take over the Galactic Guild and become a living god. The Galactic Guild dispatches their top agents, George Shooters and Sali Terri to restore Glup III to his righteous position and discover how a pair of bumbling pilgrims have obtained the technology necessary to teleport Glup III from the clutches of a deranged despot.

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Reviews:Lisa Denn on wrote:

Great characters! Great story! Writing was incredible ... vivid descriptions brought the story that much closer to being life-like. Loved the book!

Amazon Customer on wrote:

I didn't know what to expect with this story, as my experience with sci fi is limited. The cover peaked my interest and once I sat down to read it, I immediately enjoyed the light-hearted humor and sarcasm. The well-developed characters juggle adventure, laughter, and valient efforts to recover the tri-t staff - the ultimate weapon in the universe. Highly recommended for readers of all ages and fans of all genres.

Kindle Customer on wrote:

FUN! Sci-fy meets Monty Python. Highly recommended! I received the actual hard copy of the book as a gift and it was so much fun to read!! If you are stuck in bed with the flu or any other winter nasty you NEED to have this book. It is intelligently written and filled with both intrigue and humor, and a bit of romatic tension. It definitely helped me forget I was sick for a while. The characters are so incredibly likable. I really hope to see more George and Sali adventures. I love the way all the characters interact, but especially George and Sali. You know you're reading a good book when you feel like you can hear the distinctive voices of each character in your head while you read.I got so immersed in the book it was like a fun escape without ever leaving home. I definitely recommend this book for anyone who loves Monty Python or Joss Whedon like humor. If you loved Firefly, you will live this series.

Heidi Wilson on wrote:

Sci Fi and comedy are both done well in this book. There is impressive character development and dialogue. The dialogue helps propel the story and the author does a nice job avoiding too many intricate details that can bog novels down in this genre. The pace of the story was consistent and free flowing. The comedic moments throughout the story are enjoyable.

Shirley Anne Sposi on wrote:

Not being a big sci fi fan, I was completely shocked by how much I loved this book. Great imagination!!!!! Names were so unique and funny. I hated to put it down. This book was so entertaining, imaginative and great reading. Funny, funny. Can't wait to read another. How does an author dream up this stuff? Great!!!!!