The Beast of Tsunam

Book Cover: The Beast of Tsunam
Part of the Rev Smalley Galactic P.I. series:
  • The Beast of Tsunam

Rev Smalley, Galactic P.I., a disgruntled retired EIA—Earth Intelligence Agency—agent is down on his luck without clients, money, or a current lover. Rev’s luck is about to change—just not necessarily for the better.
Rev finds that his former boss, Magnus Blackheart, has sent his ex-lover, Cassie Townes, and her current EIA partner, Braz, to the utopian planet, Tsunam on a diplomatic request to investigate a mauled body. The two agents disappear soon after arriving and Magnus forces Rev back into service to find his missing agents.

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Reviews:Mandy-Walkden Brown on wrote:

Action, humour, a great plot with some undeniably good twists! I'm really impressed with the way the author placed what could be just another PI tale into a science fiction setting. It really added depth to the story and opened up the untold possibilities of both genres, many of which the author captured beautifully.

Ray Simmons on wrote:

The Beast of Tsunam: Rev Smalley: Galactic P.I. Book 1 is a detective story told in the classic pulp fiction style of the thirties. But it just happens to take place in the far future. Reading as much as I do, I have come across a few stories told like this. I usually forget them rather quickly. The only one I can remember clearly right now is the female detective in Hyperion by Dan Simmons. The mother of God is hard to forget. Anyway, I’m familiar with this style of storytelling and I like it. I can also happily report that Scott A. Combs does a great job in this genre. Rev Smalley is hard boiled enough, hard cased enough, and hard headed enough to compete with any of the detectives created in the pulp days. Throw him together with the most interesting sidekick since Doctor Watson, and you have not only a great story, but maybe a great continuing series.

Metella on wrote:

While this story has some humorous bits in it - this is mainly a WHO DUN IT set on another planet- a planet where life is valued much differently than it is on Earth. So really good technology is the backdrop for a great detective story - and a strong and silent type hero dealing with a floating machine assigned to him ... is this machine working with him or against him as Detective Rev works on tracking down a heartless murderer.