Murder on Euripides

A Galactic Guild Comedy

Book Cover: Murder on Euripides
Part of the Sir Giles Thackery Mystery series:
  • Murder on Euripides

Sir Giles Thackery—renowned Terran detective—is defrosted from cyro-sleep to tackle one of his toughest cases to date. Ambassadors of the Galactic Guild are turning up dead in the most gruesome ways on board the luxury cruise liner, the Euripides. Accompanied only by his great—to the eigh­teenth generation—granddaughter, elite SLASP Agent, Nanette Thackery, Sir Giles rushes from one murder to the next, desperately seeking the answers to why. In the end, it all winds up in a friendly game of Squash to trap the culprit. The Galactic Guild watches on in anticipation as the seconds tick out before there is another victim.

In the spirit of Blake Edwards’, The Pink Panther, and the fun of Mel Brooks’, SpaceballsMURDER ON EURIPIDES, delivers on laughs and mayhem.

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