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Defender of Truth, Justice and the American Way

Scott1963The year is 1963—just after the Great Indian Uprising in Lexington, Ohio—a lone gunman stands tall against injustices of all kinds, especially drippy ice-cream cones. We find our hero, jubilantly reenacting his exploits after a short stint in Six Flags of Arlington Texas (See cowboy hat).

Even way back then I was spinning stories. My cap guns blazing, I fearlessly defended homesteaders on the prairies. Those Lone Ranger radio broadcast reruns still echo in my mind. Life was simpler then—better somehow—more make-believe. At least, that's how I feel as I look back at the little boy in the picture. But, that little boy grew up and put away his cowboy hat and cap guns for big boy responsibilities.

The good news is—that little boy still lives inside me, defending the helpless and exploring the galaxy. This might give you a bit of insight into where my head is at while I'm clicking away on the keyboard writing my tales. I hope you'll return with me to yesteryear and imagine stories filled with aliens, cowboys & indians, and evil-doers kidnapping damsels in distress.

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