The Galactic Guild Comedies

Three (3) Fun-filled Action Adventures that will surely make you laugh. 1) The Kili Wanna Affair introduces George & Sali in a political farce. They must unravel the mystery of why the Kili Wannas are so important to the Galactic Guild. 2) The Feel Good Affair picks up with George & Sali entangled in a religious fervor of dire consequences. 3) Murder on Euripides marks the introduction of Sir Giles Thackery, sleuth extraordinaire. Alien ambassadors are dropping dead from a diabolical plot to turn the Galactic Guild upside-down.

“Great characters! Great story! Writing was incredible ... vivid descriptions brought the story that much closer to being life-like. Loved the book!” — by Lisa on

“Funny and action-packed!” — by Gina on

“Full-sized—full of laughs—full of suspense and excitement…” — by Metella on

“FUN! Sci-fy meets Monty Python. Highly recommended!” — Kindle Customer on

“Page-turning plot that keeps you hooked till the end…” — Slobby on

“It moves along at a nice even pace and the characters are charming and quirky…” — Amazon Customer at

“The romantic tension between George and Sali was a nice sidebar to the plot…” — Heidi at

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